View Full Version : Sta sve camera connection kit moze! :)

26-04-2010, 09:04
Evo surfajuci naidjoh na neke zanimljive stvarcice vezane za iPad camera connection kit, koje su me, moram reci- bas obradovale :) naravno, ovo je jos uvijek bez jailbreaka, znaci out of the box :)
Kao i za sve sta Apple izbaci, uvijek postoje neke hidden options, pa evo sta sve moze ovaj dodatak:

1. podrzava sve moguce slusalice sa mikrofonom, idealne za skypanje :)

Tech and gadget news site electronista is reporting interesting camera kit findings from around the web. The first one up is from Apple news site TidBITS. They found connecting USB audio devices that require no special drivers through the camera kit worked perfectly. Using a headset and microphone combination device they placed a Skype call and classified the call quality as “just terrific”. There is no visual indication of connection or disconnection of the device so some testing may be required to find a headset that works and since this is an undocumented feature there is no guarantee every device will.

2. podrzava sve moguce USB tastature
ovo mi se bas svidjelo jer su jeftine, i sto kazu- svako ima bar tri u kuci :)

The second usage comes from TUAW. They’re reporting the kit allows for the connection of a USB keyboard. While the iPad already supports Bluetooth keyboards and has a keyboard dock available for purchase, neither may be a viable option for someone who just spent all their savings buying an iPad. USB keyboards are cheap, plentiful, and most people have two or three floating around their house. While it might take some rigging to fashion a holder that supports the camera connector and USB cord sticking out the bottom of an iPad, it is doable and within the realm of reason